U.S. Rowing Strips Ted Nash of Honors Amid Abuse Probe

U.S. Rowing Rescinds Ted Nash’s Honors After Abuse Investigation

U.S. Rowing Rescinds Ted Nash’s Honors

A 16-month investigation has revealed disturbing findings regarding Ted Nash, a revered figure in U.S. Rowing. The investigation concluded that credible allegations of child sexual abuse against Nash were made by Jennifer Fox, a filmmaker based in Manhattan. The report, conducted by the law firm Shearman & Sterling at the request of U.S. Rowing, detailed the harrowing experiences Fox endured at the hands of Nash more than 50 years ago.

Allegations of Sexual Abuse

According to the report, Fox claimed that Nash, her former running coach, groomed her for a sexual relationship when she was just 13 years old. The abuse, which lasted several months, involved multiple instances of sexual assault. Despite Nash’s death in 2021, the investigation found Fox’s account to be credible, with no evidence to refute her claims or suggest any ulterior motives.

Impact on the Rowing Community

These revelations have sent shockwaves through the rowing community, prompting other survivors to come forward. One such individual, referred to as Anna in the report, recounted a disturbing encounter with Nash nearly two decades ago. The incident, which involved a sexual advance by Nash, sheds light on a pattern of predatory behavior that may have affected numerous athletes over the years.

Repercussions for Ted Nash

In light of the investigation’s findings, U.S. Rowing has taken decisive action by rescinding the honors previously bestowed upon Nash. This includes prestigious accolades such as the 2005 Man of the Year and the Medal of Honor awarded in 2013. The organization’s statement reflects a commitment to ensuring a safe and abuse-free environment within the rowing community.

Uncertainty Surrounding Olympic Medals

As Nash’s tarnished legacy comes to light, questions loom over the fate of his Olympic medals—a gold in 1960 and a bronze in 1964. The International Olympic Committee’s response to these developments remains unclear, leaving the status of Nash’s athletic achievements in limbo.


The revelations surrounding Ted Nash’s abusive behavior have reverberated through the world of U.S. Rowing, prompting a reckoning with the sport’s dark past. By rescinding Nash’s honors and acknowledging the validity of survivors’ accounts, U.S. Rowing has taken a crucial step towards fostering a culture of accountability and safety. As the rowing community grapples with these revelations, the importance of addressing past injustices and supporting survivors cannot be understated.