Reddit Reports $500M Loss in First Public Earnings, Yet Sees Robust Revenue Growth

Reddit Posts $575 Million Loss Tied to I.P.O. but Also Strong Growth

Reddit’s Unprecedented $575 Million Loss and Strong Growth

In its first financial quarter as a public company, Reddit has reported a hefty loss of over $500 million, primarily due to stock-based compensation expenses related to its initial public offering (IPO) in March. Despite this considerable loss, the social media giant also recorded substantial revenue and user growth, signaling a strong future for its digital advertising business.

Impressive Revenue and User Growth

Reddit has defied expectations by posting a 48% increase in its first-quarter revenue, raising it to $243 million from $163.7 million in the previous year. This impressive growth surpassed Wall Street’s estimates of $214 million. Simultaneously, Reddit’s daily active users surged by 37%, reaching a staggering 82.7 million.

Stock-Based Compensation Expenses

The majority of Reddit’s $575.1 million loss can be attributed to stock-based compensation expenses, which totaled $595.5 million. This is a significant increase compared to the $13.2 million the company reported a year ago.

Reddit’s New Chapter

Despite the loss, Reddit’s co-founder and CEO, Steve Huffman, remains optimistic. He views these developments as the “beginning of a new chapter” as the company strives to build the next generation of Reddit.

The Impact of Reddit’s IPO

Reddit’s IPO has been a key indicator for technology IPOs in general. The company’s shares escalated by 48% on the first day of trading, leading to increased investor optimism. Reddit’s shares continue trading above the IPO price of $34, signifying sustained investor faith.

Diversification Efforts

As a platform for users to share interests and conduct research, Reddit has been working on diversifying its business beyond digital advertising. The company has entered into agreements with Google and other firms to license its conversation data for use in building AI technology. Additionally, it has been focusing on developing its e-commerce business.

Promising Future Projections

Despite its initial loss, Reddit projects a revenue between $240 million and $255 million in the current quarter, exceeding Wall Street’s expectations. This projection suggests Reddit’s robust growth and potential profitability in the near future.


While Reddit’s substantial loss may be alarming, the ongoing revenue and user growth, coupled with the company’s optimistic projections, suggest a promising future. The company’s ability to surpass Wall Street’s expectations and continue growing in its user base and revenue could potentially offset its recent losses and position it for long-term profitability.