Breaking the Ice: The Unprecedented NHL-PWHL Marriage of Luke and Sophia Kunin

Chasing a hockey dream together: How Luke and Sophia Kunin make the first NHL-PWHL marriage work

Chasing the Puck Together: An NHL-PWHL Love Story

For many years, Luke Kunin has been the recipient of the unwavering support from his sweetheart, Sophia. From being his girlfriend to his fiancée and now his wife, Sophia has been a constant presence in his hockey career, standing by him through his highs and lows.

A Shoulder to Lean On

Sophia was there for Luke during his challenging stint with the San Jose Sharks, where he suffered an ACL injury. She moved to Nashville when he was traded and has extensively supported his career. But things are about to change, as she is about to step into the limelight in the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL).

From Supporting Role to Center Ice

Sophia is set to take the ice with Minnesota’s PWHL team against Boston. This is an event Luke is eagerly looking forward to, as he will finally get to witness Sophia play at the highest level first-hand. He has been following her games online and recognizes the sacrifices she has made for him over the years.

Two Hearts, One Love: Hockey

Luke and Sophia’s relationship has been defined by their shared love for hockey. They have supported and cheered each other on, from their teenage years to their college days, and now, in their professional careers. The couple’s journey has been marked by personal triumphs and tragedies, including the tragic death of Sophia’s younger brother, which Luke helped her navigate.

The Kunins: Making History

Luke, a hardworking forward for the Sharks, and Sophia, one of the fastest, most reliable forwards in the PWHL, are the first husband and wife to play professional hockey in the top leagues in North America. This unique setup has drawn the attention of many, including U.S. Hockey Hall of Famer Natalie Darwitz, who predicts more hockey couples in the future as the PWHL continues to grow.

Dealing with Distance and Devastation

Despite the geographical challenges that have come with their professional careers, the Kunins have managed to make their relationship work. They have supported each other through personal losses, such as the death of Sophia’s younger brother, and continue to find strength in their shared experiences and love for the sport.

Sharing the Spotlight

Both Sophia and Luke have achieved significant milestones in their respective careers, with Sophia scoring goals in the PWHL and Luke leading the Sharks in multiple categories. Their success is a testament to their dedication and passion for the sport they both love. As they continue to climb the ladder in their respective leagues, they remain each other’s biggest fans and supporters.

The Future of the NHL-PWHL Power Couple

As they carve their paths in professional hockey, the Kunins represent a new breed of power couples in sports. Their story showcases the possibility of pursuing individual dreams while supporting a partner in the same field. As they continue to excel on the ice, they are setting a new precedent for future NHL-PWHL relationships, proving that love and hockey can indeed coexist happily.

(Top photos courtesy of Sophia Kunin)