AI Outperforms College Undergraduates in Moral Judgment

ChatGPT shows better moral judgment than a college undergrad

A team of researchers at Georgia State University recently conducted a study that yielded surprising insights into the moral judgment capabilities of advanced AI models. Their findings indicate that OpenAI’s ChatGPT4 language model surpasses college undergraduates when providing ethical guidance.

AI’s Superior Moral Judgment: Insights from the Study

The study evaluated the moral judgment efficacy of large language models like ChatGPT4. Researchers employed a modified Moral Turing Test, first proposed in 2000, to measure the AI’s ability to offer morally virtuous advice. They compared the AI’s performance against 68 university undergraduates enrolled in an introductory philosophy course.

Evaluating Moral Reasoning

Both the AI model and the students responded to 10 moral scenarios designed originally to test the moral reasoning of psychopaths. These scenarios varied from clearly immoral acts to minor social norm transgressions. Experts assessed the AI model’s responses based on several criteria, including virtuosity, intelligence, trustworthiness, fairness, compassion, rationality, and emotional resonance.

AI Triumphs in Providing Moral Guidance

The AI model’s moral judgments proved superior to the human participants in multiple respects, particularly in virtuosity and intelligence. However, it’s crucial to note that the undergraduates represented a low benchmark for the AI model, akin to comparing a chess-playing AI with an intermediate rather than a grandmaster player.

Implications and Future Prospects

These findings highlight the potential for AI models to offer effective moral guidance. Nevertheless, this underscores the importance of ongoing research into the ethical implications of AI’s moral judgment capabilities. As AI becomes more prevalent in our lives, ensuring its ethical application remains imperative.

Looking Ahead Cautiously

While the study’s results are impressive, they prompt caution regarding AI’s role in moral judgment. The prospect of AI outperforming humans in this area raises significant ethical and philosophical questions. As technology evolves, maintaining these discussions is vital to ensure responsible AI development and use.