Nicole Shanahan: The Unexpected Voice of Kennedy’s Campaign

RFK Jr.’s Running Mate, Nicole Shanahan, Ventures Onto the Stump

Nicole Shanahan, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Running Mate, Takes the Stage

Nicole Shanahan, a Silicon Valley millionaire, is making her debut on the campaign trail. She was recently chosen by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his running mate for his independent presidential ticket. Shanahan, who had previously stated she would spend little time on the campaign trail, surprised many by taking the stage in Houston.

Shanahan’s Debut Speech

In her inaugural speech, Shanahan quoted Carl Jung and discussed the American psyche, which she labeled as ‘ruthless’. For example, she alluded to her friendship with the director of the “Black Panther” movies and talked about how Americans needed to remember their ancestors.

Shanahan’s speech was unique. She spoke about the electorate as if it were the victim of a vast Covid-related conspiracy. Therefore, she doesn’t fit easily into any partisan category. “I often said Covid was the truth serum,” she said, referring to the pandemic revealing hidden truths.

Shanahan’s Political Views

Shanahan has shown support for restorative justice and endorsed a progressive district attorney in California. However, she also warned of the specter of communism in the American education system and criticized President Biden’s support for Ukraine against Russia.

When asked about restoring faith between the military and the government, Shanahan criticized Biden’s foreign policy. She warned it was putting U.S. troops “at risk of getting into a third world war.”

Shanahan’s Support for Kennedy

Shanahan has praised Kennedy’s campaign as fulfilling his family’s legacy. However, many Kennedy family members disagree, claiming his campaign is sullying the memories of his uncle, John F. Kennedy, and father, Robert F. Kennedy.

“Bobby Kennedy is finishing the story of what was robbed from his father and his uncle,” Shanahan said. She further stated that both were murdered for taking a stand.

Shanahan’s Future in the Campaign

Until now, Shanahan had been absent from the campaign trail. However, she started a campaign podcast earlier this month and suggested she would give the occasional stump speech. The campaign announced last week that she would attend two campaign events in quick succession: Saturday’s event in Houston and a rally on Monday with Mr. Kennedy in Austin, Texas.

As Shanahan continues to venture onto the stump, her unconventional approach and fresh perspective promise to inject a new dynamic into the campaign. The political landscape stands to be significantly impacted by this unique pairing of a Silicon Valley millionaire and a member of the storied Kennedy family.