2024 Local Elections: Comprehensive Overview of Crucial Results and Announcement Timelines

Local elections 2024: At-a-glance guide to key results and declaration times

As the dust of the 2024 local elections starts to settle, the time has come to meticulously decipher the results and their implications on the national political landscape. The announcements began shortly after the polls closed and are projected to conclude on Sunday, 5th May, offering a comprehensive picture of the political dynamics across England and Wales.

The First Glimpse: Thursday Night Declarations

Thursday 2nd May marked the closure of polls across the region with elections for 107 local authorities, 37 police & crime commissioners, 11 mayors, the London Assembly, and the Blackpool South parliamentary by-election. A significant number of councils declared their results overnight, setting the stage for an intense political showdown. Among them were key battlegrounds like Bolton and Hartlepool, where Labour was vying for overall control, and Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock, which were seen as critical tests for both Conservative and Labour popularity in Essex.

Friday Forecasts: Unfolding the Larger Picture

Friday 3rd May saw the counting begin for the remaining councils in England, along with most PCCs and four mayoral elections. The results from Dudley, Solihull, Sheffield, Cannock Chase, Brentwood, and Wokingham were of particular interest, providing further insight into the changing political climate. The day concluded with late declarations from Dorset, Elmbridge, and Gloucester, all of which were places where the Liberal Democrats were hoping for big wins in “blue wall” territories.

Spotlight on Mayoral Elections

Among the four mayoral results due on Friday, Tees Valley took center stage. Conservative incumbent Ben Houchen, who was hoping for a third term, was the focus of the day, and his re-election would have been a significant boost for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak amidst an otherwise challenging set of polls.

Super Saturday: High-Profile Contests

Saturday was reserved for some of the most high-profile contests of these elections: the mayoral contests in Greater Manchester, London, and the West Midlands, along with counts for the mayors of the Liverpool City Region, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, and Salford. The London mayoral election was a particularly close watch, with the outcome likely to determine if Labour’s Sadiq Khan would secure a third term in office.

Sunday Summations: Final Declarations

As the final day of declarations, Sunday 5th May saw the last council, Salford, announce its results. The PCCs for Kent and Sussex also released their results, marking the official end of the 2024 local elections.

In conclusion, these local elections have painted a vivid picture of the shifting political landscape across England and Wales. They have not only highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of major parties but have also provided an invaluable glimpse into the sentiments and concerns of the electorate, setting the stage for future political strategies.