Greene’s MAGA Influence Overestimated in GOP Power Struggle

In a recent exchange, NewsNation’s Blake Burman posed a question about controversial figure Marjorie Taylor Greene to Speaker Mike Johnson. However, before the question could fully form, Johnson replied with a dismissive, “Bless her heart.” This simple response revealed more about Greene’s standing within the political landscape than any lengthy political analysis could.

Greene’s Attempt to Wield Power

Greene’s attempt to oust Johnson from his position speaks volumes about her perceived influence within the Republican Party. Despite the party’s narrow majority in the House and the constant threat of a motion to vacate the chair, Johnson refuses to let Greene or any extreme MAGA lawmaker run the place.

It’s necessary to understand the evolving culture of the MAGAfied Republican Party. A pattern has emerged where any Republican politician who directly challenges Trump often faces a swift and brutal end to their political career. Figures like Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Adam Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney are just a few examples of those who dared to defy Trump and paid a high political price.

Can MAGA Movement Survive Without Trump?

But the question remains: Can the MAGA movement exert the same control over the Republican Party when Trump isn’t directly involved? Does it possess the capability to impose party discipline and end political careers independently? If individuals like Greene, Steve Bannon, Matt Gaetz, or Charlie Kirk can wield the same power as Trump, the transformation of the party will be complete.

Signs of Hope Amidst the Chaos

However, there are signs of hope. Johnson’s recent actions and the Democrats’ response suggest that the MAGA movement may not be as formidable as it appears. Johnson managed to pass aid for Ukraine with more Democratic votes than Republican, directly defying the MAGA movement. The backlash was expected, but surprisingly, the actual constituents of Republicans who voted for the aid were largely supportive.

In response to Greene’s motion to end Johnson’s speakership, top Democrats in the House issued a statement supporting Johnson and opposing Greene’s motion. Even Senator Ted Cruz of Texas criticized Greene, indicating a shifting power dynamic within the party.

The Strength of Bipartisanship

Amidst all this, signs of a functioning Congress can be seen. Bipartisan legislation like the infrastructure bill, the Respect for Marriage Act, electoral reforms, and the foreign aid package highlight the potential for compromise and persuasion within the political sphere. These developments, however, have infuriated MAGA proponents who view compromise as a sign of weakness.

The Future of MAGA and the Republican Party

It’s clear that MAGA hopes to outlive Trump and transform the Republican Party. However, without Trump at the helm, its survival is uncertain. Greene’s struggle to oust Johnson underscores this. As Senator Lloyd Bentsen once said, “You, Representative Greene, are no Donald Trump.”

It’s worth noting that MAGA figures who associate closely with Trump have not been immune to political downfall. The 2022 midterm elections saw mainstream Republicans triumph in key elections while election-denying MAGA conspiracy theorists suffered losses. The ideological shift in the Republican Party may not be as profound as it seems.

The upcoming 2024 election holds significant implications. If Trump wins, MAGA could further consolidate its hold over the party. But if Trump loses, the battle for the future of the Republican Party resumes. If the battle between Johnson and Greene is any indication, the victory of MAGA is far from assured.