Edward Dwight’s Lifelong Journey: From First Picked Black Astronaut to Realizing Space Dream

Edward Dwight, Once Picked to Be the First Black Astronaut in Space, Aims for Space at Last

Edward Dwight’s Long-Awaited Journey to Space

Edward Dwight is finally set to realize his dream of reaching space. In the upcoming weeks, conditions permitting, Dwight is expected to be part of a six-person crew journeying beyond Earth’s orbit on Blue Origin’s seventh human flight. This latest mission by the space company founded by Jeff Bezos will carry an eclectic group of adventurers, including a venture capitalist, a French craft-beer entrepreneur, a retiring accountant due to go blind, and Dwight, a retired Air Force captain.

The First Black Astronaut That Never Was

Six decades ago, Dwight was selected to become the first Black man to orbit Earth, only to be passed over later. He was part of the astronaut training program at Edwards Air Force Base in California in the early 1960s. Despite being a charismatic, handsome test pilot, and a public relations dream for an administration championing civil rights, Dwight was not chosen for the space mission following the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963.

A Life Beyond the Air Force

After leaving the Air Force in 1966, Dwight went on to achieve success in various fields. He became a restaurateur and real estate developer in Colorado and later a celebrated sculptor of notable figures in Black history. In recent conversations with The New York Times, Dwight reflected on his upcoming space flight, viewing it as a culmination of his long and eventful life.

Countering Obstacles with Determination

Dwight’s journey has been marked by numerous obstacles. From his uphill battle to becoming an Air Force pilot to being chosen by the president to be the first Black astronaut, he has faced numerous challenges. However, his resilience and determination have been his guiding forces, helping him perform well and achieve his goals.

Overcoming Prejudice, Excelling in Performance

Despite facing prejudice, Dwight excelled in his performance. He managed to finish seventh in his class of 17, proving his capability and countering the racial bias he encountered.

The Power Brokers and the Final Frontier

Dwight reflects on how the power brokers were unwilling to give the final frontier to a Black person or a woman. Now, at 90, he is finally set to fly into space, a mission he was supposed to undertake decades ago. However, he does not see it as justice served late but as a natural occurrence that should have happened at some point.

Earth from Space: A Valuable, Sacred, and Fragile View

As he prepares for his upcoming space journey, Dwight is looking forward to the panoramic view of Earth from the capsule. He views Earth as valuable, sacred, and fragile and believes that anyone running for national office should take at least three orbits around Earth to appreciate its preciousness.

In conclusion, Edward Dwight’s long-awaited space journey is not just a culmination of his eventful life but also a testament to his resilience and determination. His story serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the power of persevering against all odds. Moreover, his upcoming space flight is a significant moment in the history of space exploration and a step towards diversity and inclusivity in the final frontier.